‘Not For Me’ – why I decided to finally sign up for therapy, despite not feeling worthy of it

I think that we, as a bunch of self-confessed free thinking yet directionless millennials, have largely been conditioned by society to normalise our mental breakdowns. It’s normal, isn’t it? Everyone feels anxious and worried. It’s nothing to be overly concerned about – we can laugh it off as a universal experience and revel in the communal hopelessness of it all.

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The ‘Dream Job’ Fallacy

I’m sure I am not the only twenty-something year old, not-so-freshly graduated from University, experiencing an ongoing quarterlife existential crisis. I don’t really know what direction I want my life to go in and this lack of clarity is completely paralysing.

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‘But where are you really from?’ Cultural Identity Crisis: attempting to navigate identity as a British Korean adoptee

I think it’s better to view my racial and cultural identity as something that is not one fixed thing. It is fluid, constantly changing, shifting and evolving from one moment to the next.

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